Dirty uncle Dennis West

We have all seen, through ‘Drill My hole’, how dirty gay pornstar Dennis West can behave with his nephew’s friends as filmed by Men. But has he taken on too much in this new, fantastic hardcore episode? Here he gets in bed with the flexible Luke Adams, and exclusive star to Men, Will Braun.
Will Braun is another friend of Dennis’ nephew and he turns up at Dennis’ door with Luke Adams. When Dennis answers the door, Will tells him that he knows what goes on at Dennis’s house, and even though he’s not interested, he is hoping Dennis will take in Luke, so that Will can go back home. When Dennis sees them both standing there, he invites them both in, his cock already growing hard in his pants at the thought of these hunky young men being naked next to him.

Dennis shocks Will by suggesting a threesome, but Will isn’t interested and tries to leave. Both Luke and Dennis grab his wrist and persuade him to stay, and before Will can change his mind, the three horny men head on into the bedroom.
They get on the bed together and strip naked. As Luke lies on his back, Will goes down and sucks and strokes his cock. At the same time, Luke sucks on Dennis’ thick eight and a half inch dick. gay-pornstar-dennis-westTheir cocks pulsate as they feel wet mouths and warm hands all over their hard erections and ball sacks as they roll about the bed together.
Luke, who is still on his back, pulls his knees up and spreads his legs for both Dennis and Will. Dennis immediately sucks greedily on Luke’s cock, and Will licks and kisses Luke’s super tight asshole getting it ready for something much bigger and better. Luke almost screams out with ecstasy as the camera goes in close and we see Will’s finger disappearing up to its knuckle up his shaved wet asshole.
Dirty Uncle Dennis and Will torment and tease Luke’s sweating body with their mouths and fingers until Luke is begging to be fucked. Will kneels up, puts on a condom, and drives his cock deep up Luke’s ass as Dennis slams his cock back into Luke’s slutty lips.
Luke Adams then gets spit-roasted with Dennis pounding his asshole and Will Braun fucking his mouth doggy style. Luke rides on top of Dennis West’s thick dick with Will stroking on his own dick, watching them. Luke lies down and his face and chest are soon covered with their thick creamy white cum.
will-braunDennis West, who is a new exclusive star to Men, loves to play the dirty old man, even though he isn’t really that old. He has a good lean body with lots of dark brown hair covering his chest. He is versatile and loves to fuck young assholes with his thick and meaty eight and a half inch cut dick. He has brown hair, blue eyes and weighs 175 pounds. Dennis has starred in twelve hardcore movies with the studio and he’s also starred in few more that are about to be released.

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