Young Canadian Pierre Fitch

Pierre Fitch is a young Canadian with a smooth hard body covered in tattoos and he has an eight and a half inch cut cock. He is a five foot six inch versatile top with short brown hair, brown eyes and he weighs 155 pounds. Pierre has starred in eight hardcore movies for, and his last movie ended up in a great orgy full of hunky horny men in ‘Thirst Part 4.’ Besides doing porn, Pierre can be seen in night clubs being a D.J and loves to see men grinding their hips against each other to the sounds of his beat.

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This fantastic episode, the second in a great series, stars two hot and horny guys, Mike De Marko and Adam Bryant.
Mike De Marko is a handsome young man with a designer beard and a dark furry chest. He keeps fit by going jogging and doing a lot of swimming. He is a versatile bottom with a seven inch cut cock, and a nice and tight asshole. He is five foot nine inches tall with brown hair and brown ‘come to bed eyes.’ Mike has been in an amazing forty five movies with this site and has incredible 11.5k followers on Twitter. His last flick has only just been released and is called ‘Stag Hag’, it also stars Tom Faulk and Will Braun.
Adam Bryant is a muscle God with a few tattoos and enjoys anything outdoors. He is a good looking top with short cropped brown hair and brown eyes. He is five foot six inches tall and has a seven inch cut dick which he loves slapping guys around the mouth with. This is Adam’s fourth movie with the gay pornstars site; his most recent one was ‘An Offer He Can’t Refuse’, also starring Billy Santoro.
Mike De Marko is the best friend of Adam Bryant’s wife and they do almost everything together, including go for a jog in the mornings. Mike phones her up only to find out this she is ill in bed full of the cold. He is disappointed but he has the gift of speech and quickly persuades Adam to join him instead, as he needs a running partner.
A bit later after their run, and they are back inside Mike’s house, Mike suggests that Adam takes a shower before he goes home. Adam takes one sniff of himself and agrees with him. Mike heads for the kitchen and waits for just the right amount of time to watch Adam’s naked, muscled, ass just as it goes inside the bathroom. Mike feels his cock throb and his balls tighten at the very sight. He strips his clothes off and goes to join the ‘straight’ Adam under the shower. Adam is shocked and tells him he doesn’t like sharing a shower, but Mike doesn’t take no for an answer and before Adam really realizes what’s going on, Mike is on his knees holding onto his beautiful hot dick.
Adam closes his eyes as he feels Mike De Marko’s warm breath around his cock. He quickly realises what pleasure another man’s mouth is as Mike slowly sucks his cock all the way and down his whole length. Adam’s muscles ripple as he thrusts his hips backwards and forwards, fucking Mike’s experienced mouth. Both men purr with pleasure, in time, together, with the excitement of it all as Mike gently licks and sucks Adam’s ball sack.
Mike wants something more, and Adam follows him into the bedroom. He sees Adam get up on the bed on all fours with his ass up in the air ready to be fucked, and his face in the pillow. Adam stands behind him and slides his hard cock all the way in, deep into Mike’s slutty asshole. Adam loves the way Mike’s ass feels around his invading cock and fucks him all over the bed, and in all sorts of positions. Sweat rolls down their bodies and the room fills up with the sound of their excited cries.
They get into the missionary position after a long hard fuck and Mike De Marko cums first, shooting his sticky sweet cum all over his hairy chest. Adam Bryant moves up his dripping wet body and spurts out gallons of thick spunk over mike’s lustful face.
This proves once again that there is no such thing as a totally straight man, it’s just an old myth.